clan of creatures
An exclusive clan of 4,578 creatures, made by Jozef

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Clan of creatures is a comic book brand that originated from the love of NFTS and Comics whereas the art is inspired by nature, science fiction and the digital world.
The NFT collection of Clan of Creatures consists of 4578 stunning pieces of art that live on Solana’s Blockchain.

Movies and Series

COC is in the concluding stages to launch exciting movies and seasons based on the story of the COC NFT collection.

Comic Books and Events

The holders of COC NFTs will receive updated comic books and content so they stay ahead of other viewers. Moreover, the holders will be able to consume digital content and attend comic events.


COC NFTs hold a ton of value due to multiple utilities and the staking process. Moreover, these NFTs will become social currency in the COC universe.

Clan of Creatures Studio and COC Universe

COC studio works with a vision to become the world's biggest studio at the dawn of Web 3.0. Therefore, it is working hard to launch multiple exciting projects including COC Universe. On top of all of that, a lot of exciting but confidential projects under the banner of COC are underway and waiting for you to join this mysterious journey.

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In the year 1969 planet Earth sent a signal to a satellite in space, miscalculating the trajectory. The signal shot past the satellite, accidentally entering the airspace of planet Kepler. The miscalculated signal, hitting the planet surface, turned the once thriving planet into a land of darkness and horror. Corrupting it’s once joyous citizens, Keplers inhabitants became dark and evil creatures, feeding off pain and suffering. Then, just two years ago, scientists from planet Earth discovered planet Kepler and saw the horror and destruction they induced on the planet and it’s inhabitants. Discovering who was responsible, the creatures from planet Kepler were filled with a burning hate for the Human Race, leading the Keplers to numerous campaigns of revenge…


The invasion #1





10 unique Kepler's legendaries have special dark powers that have been given to them.
These powers help the creatures get what they want, along with the great destruction they each bring. If your creature has one of these powers it would be more effective if you increase and improve their offensive capabilities.

Help the creatures when they attack - they scan the enemies' fears and travel through them.
Bug Creatures
Eat every matter that comes to their mouth - they live in packs.
Strong Body
The creatures have the ability to convert their body part by formation of their biological cells through mental command.
Body Convertion
Thanks to the black material from space, it's making them super creatures: extremely energetic, extremely fast and powerful!
Non Legendary
Road Map


The First Contact

4,578 creatures made their way from Planet Kepler and invaded planet Earth. The ability to poses these creatures open up for you.


Comic Book

Each holder will recive the limited edition comic book directly to their home only for holders 4,578 books will be printed only - part #01 Kepler's invasion of the Earth. By claiming the NFT you will recive proof of ownership of the comic that will be made through drop. In addition, holders have access to the digital comic on the website.


Creatures Vault

By clicking "staking" you become a member possess creatures vault which is where the DAO will take place, and you can express your position and raise your voice regarding the company's decision. The volume of the project royalties will be locked in the creatures vault for the DAO. Minted NFT will be used to vote for proposals of the DAO. The DAO will decide what to do with funds as our works in creatures continues. You wll also be able to send your proposal using our governance mechanism.


C.O.C station

Two months after the minting, our online store will open, and a wide vareity of collectibles, comic book from different editions, exclusive brand clothes, and iconic figures will be presented. Each holder will get an early access on our online store that will open and a vareity basis to the launches that will take place + discounts for the purchasing of all the items displayed on the site.

Avraham Marciano
Jozef Zilberman
Liron Malul

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